Wood Products


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we accept   

Q: Where can I see your work in person?
A: Please contact our Dealers in your area for upcoming show schedules.

Q: Are your handcrafted wood products expensive?
A: They are a very good value comparable to custom-made and handcrafted furniture

Q: What is your specialty?
A: I cater to Quilting and Scrapbooking Professionals and Hobbyists. I enjoy creating cabinets and accessories that will fit the limited space requirements of these individuals.

Q: What makes your cabinets and accessories different?
A: They are your creations. We work together and design and fit the item to your specific needs.  I do not use any particle board products unless necessary. I always use high quality Plywood and Hardwoods.

Q: I am remodeling my home. Can you make my new cabinets for me?
A: No, I specialize in small projects and cabinets.

Q: Do you refinish or repair furniture, such as tables or chairs?
A: I do some repair work but leave refinishing to the regular shops.

Q: Can I save money by doing my own finishing?
A: By all means. I will do the rough sanding and you can do the finish work.