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Quilters SideKick


Open: 25” high 17.75” deep & 22” wide

Collapsed:  25” high 3.50” deep & 22” wide


The Sidekick is a Quilter’s tool to use in the home, RV or on retreats.

It folds up into a compact size and has a handle for carrying. It is all handmade of solid Oak, and finished with a fine Satin Lacquer Finish.

Customized sizing and woods are available by special order only.

It is very sturdy and stable and will give you many years of service.

The rotating top has a pressing pad on one side and a 12” X 18” Olfa cutting mat on the other.  Simply pull the tab and flip the top.

Suggested Retail Price: $175.00
Plus Shipping & Handling


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 Sewing Machine Cabinet

All sewing machine cabinets are custom made to order. The one displayed is a standard style cabinet with Golden Oak finish and is made of solid woods. We use no Particle board or MDF products.  It includes a single drawer and an insert to close the machine opening when machine is lowered.

The rear Leaf extends to double the working area.

The top has a solid oak trim facing and rounded edges to accommodate movement and control of large work projects such as Quilts.

Drawer caddies and Insert storage are available at the time of order to fit the customers’ needs.

PRICE as displayed: $599.00 + S&H


Collapsed: 20.5” Deep  X 44.0” Wide X 30.0” High.

Leaf Extended: 41.0” Deep X 44.0” Wide X 30.0” High.

Machine Opening: 25.0” X 13.0” with a Heavy Duty Air Lift Unit to accommodate larger machines

 Hanging Ruler Rack

The hanging ruler rack is a real handy way to clean off your workspace. The unit is made of Oak and has removable dividers that can be adjusted for height.

The Ruler Rack is designed to attach directly to the wall or you can purchase hangers to mount over a door.

Height: 18” 
Depth:  3 7/8” 
Width: 23”

Suggested Retail Price:  Ruler Rack $65.00,  Door Hangers:  14.50
Plus Shipping & Handling


Custom Sizes are by Special Order Only.


Call or email for additional information and pricing

Oak Framed Mirror

Mirrors are all custom made and one of a kind. This mirror is solid Red Oak with beveled mirrors.

It was designed to the customers’ needs and to match the home décor.

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Hall Tree


The Hall Tree is constructed of Solid Red Oak hardwood with Raised Panel sides and front with an upholstered back.


Optional mirrors are beveled or flat. Includes  4 porcelain Hat and Coat Hangers.


Dimensions: 24” W. 72” H, 20” D




Call for more information, pricing and Options.


Quilters’ Pressing Station & Cabinet

When there is little space in your hobby or craft room. This small cabinet is ideal. The cabinets are all custom made for each customers application and the workroom layout.

The basic cabinet (Top) is made to normal standing work height.

Dimensions:  14” wide, 16” deep and 36” high.  

The Bottom cabinet is custom made for fit another work style, the customer requested the pressing surface in another position and to include Thread holders in the leaf support, casters and a power strip. The height was lowered to match the sewing machine cabinet.


Price starts at $185.00 + options.


Call or email for more information and pricing.


Quilters’ Cabinet:

Not much room! This crafters cabinet opens up to over 70” wide. Roles with ease and come with a cabinet on one end and 5 drawers on the other.

It will turn a small room in to a large wonderful craft area for Quilting or Scrapbooking.

Each cabinet is made to fit each customer’s needs. Single leaf, Double leaf, Or one leaf and a pressing leaf on one side. You know what your work area requires, so why buy something that does not meet your needs or fits your work area

Call or email for addition information or pricing.



Quilters Pattern Storage Cabinet

If you’re a serious quilter what do you do with all those patterns you make. Stuff them somewhere.

Well this is a great organizer. 48- 10” storage tubes and 12-21” storage tubes for longer patterns.  The smaller tubes are 2 ½” sq. and the larger tubes are 3 ½” sq. And the box sets on Susan for easy access on each end. A cork board is added to the front for that pinup we all have.

Over all Dimensions: 21” wide, 21” deep, 26” high

The top has a 2” well for storage and the Base has a 2” deep drawer w/full extension drawer hardware.

Please call or email for addition information and pricing